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Little rabbit by ShadeoftimeandPeace
Little rabbit
Yeah I'm still here!
Ocs are mine!

Read left to right the right to left you'll get it
Give her back! by ShadeoftimeandPeace
Give her back!
Lowell: Bonnie's been kidnapped by a giant turtle!!!


Sierra: Wolfie you idiot!

Lowell: Shut up stupid cat! Don't call me Wolfie its Lowell! LOWELL! Bonnie! Don't worry damn turtle... GIVE HER BACK!!!

Blake: Somebody do something!?

Sierra: I can't swim Nya!

Lowell: BONNIE!!!!


Bonnie: *smiling happily*

Tortoise: *doesn't know it has a passenger and keeps swimming*


Ain't tellin shizah
Hi! Time to get serious on this bio. Okay so my sisters (if you've known me and stuff) in a new place. So it's just me ahem. I'm like 15 and otaku, love yaoi like HiJack and...other stuff..*ahem* I loves drawing bunnies and kerons. I draw better by hand but since I have no idea how to post it with meh iPod..well before..i mean...OH You all know what I mean! anyway enjoy my...arts?
I've been really interested in homestuck and made my very own fantroll! Problem? the visual... I guess it only works on SAI. If anyone pays attention to this can I have some advice please?
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